Ongoing Mentoring and the Ultimate Peer Group

Just like working with your own clients, the most powerful way to impact your business is to work on an ongoing basis of growth and development in your business and your life.  Revolution is a group of business owners just like you who have a dedication to serving their clients at a deep level without sacrificing their family, health, or personal lives.  These owners run their businesses in a truly Revolutionary way: that professional and personal lives need not be in conflict, but truly support each other.


Feeling Stuck, or Are You Unsure About Your Magic?
Start Here.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you have already impacted the lives of the people you support and the people you serve.  Sometimes, you may be unclear as to exactly what your impact is, and what magic you have inside of you.  This free online workshop will take you through the discovery process of your true magic within you that will create a Revolution for your business moving forward.


Are you ready to level up your business game, and get what you really want in life, without stress and overwhelm?  Start here.

Growing a martial arts school doesn’t have to be complicated.  But without crystal clear outcomes in both business and life, chances are, you’ll find yourself down a path of complexity and stress.

Take charge of your business by maximizing your income, simplifying and systematizing your processes, and then scaling to where you want to be.  You might find out that you need to grow less than you thought!

Save the fancy funnels and complex systems for later, let’s make you money now!


Sign-up and and sales processes that are simple and effective.

Gone are the days of selling memberships like a used car salesman, and using a 32-page script.

Instead, take you and your staff through a simple blueprint of a proven enrollment process, and add your own flair and personality.

Sales can be simple, with the right training and communications!


Grow your student base through the most effective and simple methods available today, to hit your income and impact goals.

After you’ve maximized your student participation and designed your systems to work with ease and efficiency, it’s time to scale.

The grassroots marketing methods in Students By The Dozen will strategically position you as the go-to source for martial arts instruction in your town, while at the same time bringing in the number of students that you need.

Complement these processes with organic, referral, and paid traffic sources, and marketing your martial arts school will no longer be the challenge… it will be effortless!


You’re already an authority.
Now it’s time to step into it.

Since we were little kids, we were taught to revere and respect one source of knowledge: a book. Now it’s your turn to have one.  You’ve got the certifications, you’ve changed lives, and you’re the real deal.  Now step up your game and Revolutionize your business with the single most powerful way to build credibility: being an author. 

Take the years of experience and transformational knowledge inside of you, and deliver it to your market in a simple and concise way.  Then use this tool to bring in clients so you can impact their lives.